Welcome 2017


Well, well, well. Hello 2017. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. As always the first day of the year is full of hope, inspiration, motivation, resolutions, goals, dreams and so many more things. Today is no different. I am very much a dreamer and very much a doer. So the beginning of the year always inspires a plethora of ideas and for that I am grateful. This year will hold many wonderful things during the 365 days it is here. And I fully intend to make the most of it.

I vow to take adventures, to meet new people and explore new places.

I vow to continue to grow and learn new things.

I vow to inspire and be inspired, never forgetting that there is an amazing community of beautiful people out there.

I vow to laugh a lot, take too many pictures and feel grateful every day for the opportunities that are presented to me.

I vow to climb mountains, swim in oceans, get lost in new cities and try new foods.

I vow to love hard and fully and let the people in my life always know they are appreciated.

I vow to continue to create myself, learn about myself and love myself every step of the way.

I vow to take in sunsets and sunrises and sit in the silence of nature to connect with what is really important.

I vow to make this another year that I am proud to look back on.

So, 2017, I am ready. Let’s get this adventure started.

What do you vow to do this year? What keeps you inspired? Stay wild.


8 thoughts on “Welcome 2017

  1. I vow to read more books,I vow to keep smiling and always be kind,I vow Always keep my dream of travelling the world alive,I vow to meet more amazing people on my blog and always be inspired by their writing,To travel more ,I vow to not to spare a moment doubting myself and always stay humble wherever I go,I vow to learn new language and to laugh with the people who speaks same language as me,not French,English,duthch or Bengali,But the language of love & Friendship.

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  2. I vow to stay true to my wild woman self and continue my journey within this wild woman archetype. Expanding my spirituality even more, reaching deep in my being to find where my true work lies. Love you Holly! Happy New Year


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