Fun places to hike during winter in Wisconsin

It’s no secret that Wisconsin gets very cold during the winter months. It often snowy, gray and frigid. However, Wisconsin also has some amazing hiking spots that show a different kind of beauty in the winter months. Waterfalls freeze, rivers ice over, the white of the snow makes nature bright and sparkly. So, put on your layers, pack your hand and feet warmers and take a trek outside to these fun places that will make winter hiking well worth it.


Cave Point County Park, Door County


This little gem is just north of Whitefish Dunes State Park and should definitely be on your Wisconsin Bucketlist. Positioned right on Lake Michigan, Cave Point has many trails along the bluffs that overlook the lake. In winter time ice forms around these bluffs creating beautiful scenery. As the name would suggest there are many underwater caves in this park making the hike even more interesting along the bluffs because you can hear and feel the waves crashing. Many trails through this 19 acre park will lead you to rock beaches that have formed different ice structures, snow buildup and other winter beauties.


High Cliff State Park 

Nestled on Lake Winnebago, the largest inland lake in Wisconsin,  this park will also show you beautiful bluffs, trails through woods and spectacular views of the lake. In winter time you can hike for miles and hear nothing but silence. There are so many wonderful trails in this park that it is easy to keep coming back for more hiking adventures. Dogs are allowed here and thoroughly enjoy the miles of freedom. There is also a lookout tower that remains accessible in the winter months.


Ice Age Trail near Eau Claire Dells


These trails bring you right along the Eau Claire River in Marathon County. There are several rock formations along these trails. Portions of the river freeze during the winter making these formations accessible by foot. Ice and snow cling to the rocks making beautiful sculptures in nature. The section of the river on this trail will often flow over rock formations making waterfalls and whirlpools. This a beautiful hike for solitude and quite.


Vilas County Trails


There are so many trails in this area of Wisconsin. Surrounded by the true North Woods and several lakes make this a fun and absolutely stunning place to hike. There are miles and miles of winter wonderland that can be hiked. It would be impossible to ever get bored here. The solitude and energy in the North Woods is unlike anything else. There is a true sense of peace, nature and being part of the outdoor world. The fresh air fills your lungs and you pause for just a moment to take it all in. This is truly a great place to get lost in, especially in winter.

1000 Islands Nature Preserve


This hike is great for spotting wildlife. Often times deer will roam around and eagles will be seen flying above. Turkeys and geese will make their appearance as well. A mostly wooded hike along the Fox river with beautiful views. These trails are easily accessible and close to the city of Kaukauna. After hiking these trails and watching eagles soar, you can find a hometown restaurant to warm up with good food.


Fonferek Glen County Park


This park is a wonderful place to check out in winter. Trails lead you to a frozen waterfall, iced over river and miles of secluded woods. Just outside of Green Bay this park will allow you to be submersed in a winter world of beauty. You can hike down by the river to see more views of the waterfall or simply hike the trails above the falls to catch a glimpse. Either one you choose you will be happy you came here to hike.


Although the winter months may feel like they are dragging and the cold is sometimes hard to deal with, it is always important to get outside and find the beauty. There are so many wonderful things to experience in winter. Wisconsin is a truly remarkable state to do this in. Where are your favorite places to hike in the winter? Do you prefer the quiet of the winter hiking over summer hiking? No matter where you love to be, never forget to stay wild.


19 thoughts on “Fun places to hike during winter in Wisconsin

  1. This looks gorgeous! My husband and I love walking in winter as you don’t get sweaty, and there are less bugs…BUT we’ve never hiked through the snow like this! Hiking in winter here in the UK just means you’ll end up with muddy feet!

    How long do you walk for winter hikes before you start getting too cold?


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