Living life to the Fullest

I recently lost someone who has been in my life for several years. My brother's best friend, someone who has joined in several family holidays, someone who helped out not only my brother but my family in several ways, someone who was just at my house two weeks ago making plans to hike and camp. … Continue reading Living life to the Fullest

Exploring Door County WI

Door County Wisconsin is absolutely one of my favorite places in the state. There is always so much to do in every season that we find ourselves up there several times a year. About an hour north of Green Bay, Door County is easily accessible and worth the drive for anyone that loves outdoor activities, … Continue reading Exploring Door County WI

Stay True

Today's Sunday inspiration is a little different. Instead of beautiful quotes to help get you inspired I decided to write something about staying true, staying real and staying authentic. I feel that so many times we are burdened with everything we are 'supposed' to do, say, think, feel, wear, write, or share. We are constantly … Continue reading Stay True