Stay True

Today’s Sunday inspiration is a little different. Instead of beautiful quotes to help get you inspired I decided to write something about staying true, staying real and staying authentic. I feel that so many times we are burdened with everything we are ‘supposed’ to do, say, think, feel, wear, write, or share. We are constantly reminded of followers, likes, retweets, reblogs, etc, etc, etc. And this is what we are taught gives us worth, gives us a reason to be proud, gives us the certainty that we are making our name go up in lights. I am here to tell you that is not even close to the truth.

In the age of social media, so many people have gone from truly being themselves, following their passions and doing things for the purpose of feeling alive to doing things to get more attention. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or whatever other social media hub, we are always aware of who ‘likes’ us and what we decided to share with the world. People get lost in the ‘fame’ of social media. When in actuality, there is no fame. The number of followers and likes means nothing. I work with so many people who have anxiety or depression over the feeling of having to constantly be on their phone, connecting with social media, branding themselves, selling things to get their name into the world, and ultimately losing themselves in the midst of it all. What used to be fun, inspiring and something that was a passion in their lives has become the source of their stress.

The internet can be a wonderful place to share your passions and the beauty you create. However, it is so important that this stays the reason why you participate in social media: to share your passion. By doing this you will continue to stay true to yourself, you will let your light shine and continue to feel alive. You will be authentic. Once you start competing, comparing, engaging in self hate because this person or that company didn’t recognize you is when your passions start to lose themselves.

So ask yourself: Why am I posting this picture/post/etc? For me I always share things that are true to me. Things that are authentic and real. I share to inspire. Too often I have had my words, photo ideas, and other ideas that I was so proud to share taken by others on social media as they pretended they were their own. People try and compete with me or show off (which is funny because I am the least competitive person alive). It’s hard when that happens and I understand the frustrations. But, always remember in the end, your creativity will always be yours. You have a gift to share with the world but more importantly you deserve to live a life that brings out your passions. One you can live to the fullest. And one you are proud of. Never let anything like social media, followers, likes or whatever else it may be, bring you down and dim your light. Be true. Always. Do things for you, quietly and not even on social media sometimes. I promise it will be a breath of fresh air. Most of my life doesn’t even make it to social media. I teach yoga, plan retreats, engage in workshops, take a million pictures with my Nikon, I plan trips and adventures, I work with children, volunteer, I run, work out, hike and explore, I garden, cook and bake. And most of that the world may never know of. And that is ok.

So as you reflect on your week ahead make sure you do what makes you feel real and authentic. Get rid of anything that brings you down. Because you are what the world needs. Just as you are. Stay wild.


8 thoughts on “Stay True

  1. Exactly the reason I removed myself from Facebook. Trying to build a blog without Facebook is a challenge, but I won’t go back just to gain followers. I feel so much better everyday without all the extra “stuff” coming into my life. Thanks for posting!

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  2. Wonderful words, and inspiring as always. I like this reminder… it rings very true with me as well. I write to inspire, and if truth be told, I truly do it for my hubby. He really, really enjoys reliving our experiences through my particular lens. Too often, he gets caught up in the destination.. the peak, the distance, etc. He loves to read my (I think of it as “our”) blog to relive, re-experience, and see differently our world. I love that. Followers are neither here nor there, though connecting with kindred spirits is reaffirming in its own way. And when those kindred spirits can help me to see the world differently (as I do for my hubby with our blog), I love it. I am inspired. I think differently. And in some little way, I am transformed.

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    • You are such an inspiration!! And you are so right, connecting with other beautiful souls, reliving experiences, staying inspired.. those are the reasons that make sharing our experiences so wonderful. Thank you for your beautiful comment. And for being a wonderful inspiration!

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  3. Very true! I love using Instagram and blogging etc. as a creative outlet but sometimes it can feel like I’m doing it for the sake of it rather than out of love. I always find that it helps to take a step back for a few days (or longer) and eventually I’ll find myself eager to return, and usually with some fresh ideas too!
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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