Finding quiet in the chaos

Isn’t it crazy how busy life can be in just a blink of an eye? You’re going along, feeling balanced and calm. You have your inner peace and outer peace and things are flowing beautifully. Nothing really new is happening. And then before you know it life is crazy. But isn’t that the fun part of the ride?

We had two trips planned this spring, one to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and one to Arches National Park. However, both are unexpectedly under construction so we have decided to postpone. I was also supposed to go to Colorado with my best friend. However, life happened. My sister got a job in Colorado, making the trip with my best friend change to a trip to visit my sister.

In addition, more changes came out of the blue. I accepted a position as a trauma therapist with the Children’s Hospital Child Advocacy Center (and with that comes trainings, conferences and time away from home), I started an independent consultant job and I am in the process of planning a trauma yoga program for the community and planning an adventure yoga retreat. Phew! Even writing that is a lot to take in! So many good changes, just all at once. But, even in the chaos, it is so important to find that quiet and stillness. Here are a few ways you may be able to do that.

Find yourself in nature. Even if you aren’t able to do this as long as you would like, taking a few minutes to step outside, feel the sun on your face and breathe in the fresh air. This will change your mind set immediately. Step away from your desk, your electronics, even the front seat of your vehicle and take a few minutes to stand firmly on the ground. Take in a couple deep breaths. Listen to the wind, the birds, the water, touch the grass. Whatever you are able to do. This can be your restart button. IMG_2039

Prioritize. As we know, when we have a million things going on, we can’t do everything. So, make a list of what is important right now. And let go of the rest. If the dusting doesn’t get done this week, it will be ok. Life changes from day to day and on some days our routine changes. Let yourself be ok with that, knowing you are doing what is important on this day.

Give yourself down time. This one can be hard. We feel like the harder we push ourselves the faster things will get done. But then comes burn out. Loss of motivation and inspiration. No one wants that. So, everyday give yourself some time to just be. Whether that is reading, meditating, working out, or just sitting in the quiet journaling. Give yourself and your brain a break to rejuvenate. IMG_2120

Self love. How can this one help with finding quiet in chaos? Well, if you are treating and talking to yourself with love and patience the chaos won’t seem as daunting. You will be able to find those moments of stillness as you move forward in the chaos. You will remind yourself that the chaos is only temporary and that life will balance out again soon. IMG_1939

Hope spring has started beautifully for you. If it is crazy and busy, don’t forget to find some quiet to recharge those batteries. Stay wild friends!

~Holly Rose~


2 thoughts on “Finding quiet in the chaos

  1. I can really relate to this. My girlfriend and I are the adventurous types. We had a big vacation planned for this summer that almost didn’t happen, but we got lucky and came into some money we hadn’t expected (We got our full security deposit back after moving.) So we will once again be making a trip to New Orleans. I am still working out the details, but there is definitely going to be a hike and hopefully a tour of the bayous. I have to have something to write about for our blog after all.

    I hope you do make it to Arches National Park someday. It is beautiful. An even better alternative is Canyon Lands National Park which is right next door and you can rent a Jeep or take your own 4×4 if you’ve got one and take it in a back way. I’ve got the route on my blog if you are interested.

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