This is me


A small town girl from Wisconsin who fell in love with traveling, adventures, hiking and the outdoors. I have always had a passion for new places, new adventures and I never pass up a good outdoor activity.  Although I spend my Monday-Friday in an office as a trauma therapist, and a certified (RYT200) yoga teacher, I spend the nights, weekends and time off finding any adventure I can. It has been my priority in life to always stay wild and free, roaming where my heart calls, whether that was by the ocean or on top of a mountain. I am definitely a free spirit and have a gypsy soul. I have always encouraged others to live life to the fullest. After all, we do only have one life to live.

Living in Wisconsin most of my hikes consisted of flat lands with a few bluffs thrown in here and there and a lot of lakes. In August of 2007 I visited Alaska and was able to experience Denali National park. My life was changed forever. Since then the mountains have been something I need in my life and have become an infatuation. To me there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of hiking a mountain. The trail, the views, the anticipation. It’s now in my blood.

Traveling to new places is my other passion. To me it is even more than a passion. Traveling is what creates my journey. It is a way of life. I have traveled most of my life. During childhood we traveled around the US. During college and graduate school I traveled to several parts of the Caribbean. Adulthood has brought me to Europe, Canada,  and further exploration of the US.  Travel planning, researching, and making travel dreams come true is what breathes life into my soul. I am always planning a trip, day dreaming about a new place and doing whatever it takes to make these dreams a reality. I have recently experienced Europe and now there is no going back. I have a strong desire to return and to see all I can see. Many of my friends and family don’t understand my infatuation with travel. But that’s ok. They don’t need to.

Although I had always talked about starting a blog it wasn’t until recently that I took the time to actually look into it.  I have always taken a ton of pictures no matter what I was doing and writing has always been something that came natural to me. I have always enjoyed photography and am getting more involved with it as I get older.  With my love and passion for adventures, photography, and sharing these experiences, this blog has finally become a reality. Follow along as I share these passions and create a life I truly love. I want nothing more than to inspire you to find your adventure, to keep roaming, to stay wild, whatever that means for you. Thank you and remember always stay wild!


15 thoughts on “This is me

    • Thank you so much! I will definitely be writing more about Wisconsin. It is such a beautiful state and so much to explore. I hope you are able to make it here this year. I look forward to following your adventures. Have a wonderful 2017!

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  1. Don’t miss Canada. We’re the nicest people and have thousands of miles of adventure, from the USA border to the arctic circle, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, all beautiful and BIG.

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      • The Maritime Provinces on the East Coast are interesting. Newfoundland is rough and gorgeous, with traces left by Vikings. The West Coast province of British Columbia is huge, with gigantic trees. It’s basically a rain forest in the Rocky Mountains. In between east and west, there are the prairies. The main interest is the Badlands of Saskatchewan.

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