How to keep your adventure alive working the 9-5

I have always had the internal struggle of having an office job and wanting to pack up and travel the world permanently. I have an adventurous heart, passion for travel, and always love seeing and doing new things. So the thought of having a 9-5 (I actually work 8-4) job, on top of teaching yoga on the side, can seem kind of restricting. So, how do people do both? How do they keep up with their adventurous souls, work a full time job and be happy, fulfilled and content? Here are some tips that help me continue to find that balance in my own life.

  1. Find a career that you are passionate about. I cannot stress this one enough. If you have a career that you look forward to, one that keeps you learning and growing, and one that you feel is purposeful, then being in the office during the week isn’t as bad as it may seem. Yes you will have those days when you day dream about past adventures or future adventures but your day to day doesn’t kill you inside. I am a trauma therapist for children and although this career can be heavy at times, I absolutely love doing the work I do. I also teach yoga, something I am very passionate about and feel that this actually helps balance my life out even more. So even though a lot of my time is spent in my career, I find that it is a very healthy aspect of my life that makes me grow as a human.
  2. Always be planning your next adventure. I utilize this tip A LOT. Even when I am on a current trip I will be thinking about where my next place for adventure will be. This helps keep the adventure alive because you know there is something in your future that makes you excited and gets that heart pumping. If you are an adventure junkie, planning adventures is almost an addiction.img_1761
  3. Keep a ‘bucket list’ of places and things you want to experience. I have an ongoing list of everything I want to try and places I want to see. If I am having a day when I am feeling the ordinary slump of life I will look at this list and I will instantly have motivation and inspiration. I will start day dreaming, looking up information or just look at pictures.
  4. Keep a log of places you have been or experiences you have completed. This is a fun one to do. Whether it is a scrapbook of pictures, a list that you check off when you reach a goal, a travel journal, or just scrolling through old Instagram or Facebook posts, have something you are able to look back at to remember where you have been and what you have done. Sometimes having a full time career can become monotonous, dull and boring. Even if you do love your job. But if you can easily look back at past adventures this will help remind you that you do lead a very exciting life.img_1629
  5. Surround yourself with other adventurous people. This will help keep up the sense of adventure. Whether you are trying new local places or planning a joint trip, being around other people that are passionate about adventure will fuel your fire even more. This also gives you a great group to talk about experiences and relive them.DCIM103GOPROG1622443.
  6. Try local adventures on weekends or during shorter times off. Although I love packing my car or suitcase and heading to a whole new state or country, there are times that realistically I am unable to do that right then and there. So, planning local hikes, trips or adventures helps me see more of my community and state but also gives me the sense that I am trying something new and seeing new things. This is a great short term fix while you are planning your next longer getaway. 3bf0e66a-71d9-4adb-9e54-ee9ddf678579
  7. Find a work environment with good PTO. I know this one is not always easy. Every company is different with what they allow for time off, flex time or even how long you are allowed to take off at a time. But if this is a priority for you then there may be ways to negotiate this aspect of your benefits. In my job I am able to flex time during the week if needed, allowing for longer weekends if I am planning an adventure. This has helped significantly because I don’t always have to use all my PTO for a trip.
  8. Make adventure a priority. I know that planning a trip or an adventure can take a lot of work and energy sometimes. There are certain hurdles that pop up sometimes. But if traveling and adventuring are a priority it is worth putting in the extra time. Always remember to keep your passions alive, no matter what circumstance you are in. These are what make you unique and are vital to well-being. fullsizerender

What are some ways you keep adventure alive in your life? Is it a difficult or easy balance for you? I look forward to reading your thoughts! Stay wild friends.

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